Take Me Down

by Rhubarbs

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released March 3, 2015

Mike - Bass
Patrick - Drums
Mikey D - Guitar

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Danyluk at Record Without A Cause Edmonton, AB
All songs performed by Rhubarbs
Art and layout by Rhubarbs
Bookings and contact: rhubarbs780@gmail.com



all rights reserved


Rhubarbs Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Take Me Down
I miss the smell of open road
Life's distractions, they keep me from my goals
I've got some things to see, the path ahead of me
If anyone stands in my way I'll leave them in the dirt

Four walls and a roof surround me
As grateful as I am
Sometimes it seems like they imprison me
A surefire way to break my heart

You'd best choose your words so carefully
I read your letter after you ran away
No time for mutiny, I've still got songs to play
You can take your selfish words and shove them up your ass

Four sides of the page dissuade me
As grateful as I am
Sometimes these words they betray me
A surefire way to break my heart

Like a corner in a round room, circling the drain
Under the water birds no longer fly, they just drown
It's hard to reach the fucking mountain top on your last breath
Track Name: Piss Into The Abyss
I've heard it all before, so what's one more time
Media won't let you forget it, green-light panic
Fanatic judgement theories come up 19
I resolve to stay the course, I'm holding 29

It'd be so easy, almost divine
Absolved of will and reason, waiting to die
Deal it out, it must be fate
You've let it mesmerize, you've lost your damned mind

The end is nigh
Not afraid to die
The sun will set
And rise again

It's hard enough to get through each day
False prophecies won't change a thing

I'll stand up there upon the ledge
And piss into the abyss
Track Name: Soundtrack
I don't need harmony
I'm like a lone wolf
I've got this burning hunger
It creeps below the underground

And now I can't turn back
The cards are stacked against me
If this is losing, honey
I'll have to grin and bear it

I am dying to find out about it right now

Been drowning it out for so many years
Chewed up and spit out of life's grinding gears
One step at a time, I'll never retreat
I'll stay on the run and think on my feet
Now more than ever before
Track Name: Let's Get Weird
Who could have fathomed, how could I know?
Spring has sprung me from this prison
Among the wasters, the dogs with knifes
I've got this royal feeling, what could go wrong?

It's getting weird with Henry
What does it even mean?
I still don't know

The sound was pumping, the beer flowed like wine
What about the drugs, man? Are we out of our minds?
Mayday! Mayday! We're going down
Better abandon ship while we still can

No doubt about it, well maybe that's not true
We're surrounded by pirates now in a cutthroat saloon
Sirens surround us, Queen city sun is coming up
We're out of gas with nowhere to run